Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blog #12 - ebooks

Some of you know this already, but a press has offered to publish my full length ms as an ebook. I find myself in an interesting predicament. While I'm very happy someone wants to publish the book, I'm (well, I'll be honest) disappointed that, if I accepted the offer, the book wouldn't appear in print.

On the one hand, why should this bother me? I publish plenty of poems online and see that as a perfectly viable mode of publication, at least as "good" as print, and, in some ways, better. On the other, for me, having my book appear online only does seem somehow less "legitimate" than if it were to appear in print. At the same time, I think I'd be fine with having a chapbook appear online.

So I guess my questions are as follows: how do others feel about ebooks? Would you publish your full length as an ebook? Are questions of legitimacy as they apply to ebooks somehow different than online journals vs print journals? Any other thoughts?

I think if I had another book done and ready to go, I may well go ahead with the ebook.